About Us

Bedatec is a leading manufacturer of liquid filtration solutions for the management of process fluids and conveying of finished parts.

Established for over twenty years, Bedatec are a family owned business with our manufacturing/service facility based in the centre of the UK.

The company develops, produces and sells customer-oriented liquid filtration solutions.

The Bedatec product portfolio ranges from conveyor systems, gravity band filters, vacuum filters, hydrocyclone units, magnetic drum filters, pre-coat filter units, duplex bowl centrifuges and filter media. These are manufactured on a modular construction basis and can therefore be arranged to suit individual machines and site conditions.

In addition to our expertise in manufacturing liquid filtration solutions, Bedatec are the UK agents for Brinkmann pumps.

Our mission is to assist customers and reduce costs and so increase profits, whilst helping to provide a clean, safe working environment and protecting our planets’ resources.